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Each of our courses end with a final exhibition - a great addition to any college or sixth form application. Throughout each course, young people get the opportunity to work collaboratively to create an installation. 



Opposites Attract 

This was an exhibition hosted at Geek Retreat, Harrogate. Young people created drawings, paintings and sculpture from initial concepts using key words through to final pieces to be exhibited. 


Yayoi Kusama Inspired Chair 

Students worked collaboratively to create this joyful piece. Students then drew and painted the chair afterwards. 

Yayoi Kusama Installation.jpg


Plastic Installation

This was a collaborative installation focused on plastic pollution. Students saved plastic for a number of weeks and then worked together to create a large scale seascape. 


Reflect Exhibition

This wonderful exhibition was hosted by Painting Pots, Knaresborough and the winner of the best in show was the talented Safiye Demirci. 

Refect exhibition.jpg
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